Was that so hard?

If you’re looking to prove a point on the simplicity of finding simple answers for simple questions, this demo is just what you need: http://lmgtfy.com/

“Let me Google that for You”, or LMGTFY, allows you to type in a question, and send anyone a shortened link with a 101 demo on google search.

Here’s a quick example of the result: http://bit.ly/12CW7yx

Keep is simple.



But is it art?


But is it art?

Modern Art, at least the way MoMa sees it, has finally decided videogames qualify as the new art.

Paula Antonelli, a curator for the museum, announced the acquisition of a few classics, such as Pong (1972) Space Invaders (1978) Asteroids (1979) Tempest (1981) Yar’s Revenge (1982), and Minecraft (2011).

But is it Art?
The title of Cynthia Freeland’s book – But it is art? – nicely portrays a common debate in this field. Controversy on the validity of videogames as an art form have arisen, arguing that video games are not a representation of one’s reaction to life, and therefore are not art. On the other hand, Gizmodo nicely raises the point that Minecraft (and all videogames, for that matter) are crafted by designers, who, in doing so, portray their own personal representation of life. More on the matter here: http://tinyurl.com/bt3z7wp